Artist Statement
Day to day life can be hard but through my art, I try to capture my idea of beauty, whimsy, and happiness while throwing in a bit of my quirkiness and a Big pinch of Joy.  Although I am a multi-media artist using oil, acrylic, watercolour, encaustic and sculpture, my current body of work has been mainly focused on the use of Encaustic.  My paintings use bright colours with soft shapes, many pieces use circles to symbolize the completeness of life.  I paint using beeswax that has been collected from my own beehives and this in itself contributes to the feeling I want to portray of the goodness, wholesome, natural beauty of this world.  Art and life coming full-circle!  My artistic journey has no rights, no wrongs and no limits for the passion and joy I embrace every day.  Walk past it.  See it.   SMILE.  Repeat!
-- Ann Rosa       



Checkerboard Poppy

little jewels

13 Acrylic Ink Little Jewels Blue Daisie


Spirit Chief.jpg


Waiting For Daddy.jpg

Greeting Cards

Chickadee Winter Scene.jpg


Ann Rosa

Hailing from the Toronto area, Ann Rosa studied Journalism at Centennial College in Toronto before moving to the University of North Florida to study Art History and Photo-Journalism.  Upon completion, she spent the next couple of years playing professional golf on the LPGA Futures Golf Tour


In 1998, Ann's focus shifted to art where she started painting portraits and figurative works in watercolour.  her work has since expanded to include sculpture, acrylic, oil, and encaustic painting.  Ann is an autodidactic artist who continues to attend art courses and workshops where she is constantly honing and expanding her artistic skills.


Ann's award-winning work has been exhibited in dozens of solo and group shows in Toronto and the GTA.  Her work can be found in private, public and corporate collections around the globe.  Some of her past gallery affiliations include Gallerie Christin at the King Edward Hotel and the King Street locations in Toronto, Select Art Gallery, Newmarket and Nash Fine Art in Fenelon Falls.  Ann's work is now shown at the PONDeROSA Art Gallery in Stouffville, Ontario of which she is the artist/owner.

-- Ann Rosa



Ann Rosa lives at the beautiful and serene PONDeROSA in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada where she finds her inspiration to create her art.

The PONDeROSA Art Gallery opened in 2013 and was named this due to the large pond and, well, her last name is ROSA.

The PONDeROSA is not only her home but it comes complete with a beautiful art gallery and attached artist studio space. 

Call and book an appointment to view the art at 416-788-9332.